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Saffron and Its Features:
Saffron is the stigma of Crocus sativus, a flowering plant in the crocus family. Saffron, the world's most expensive spice, is costly because more than 225,000 stigmas must be handpicked to produce one pound. In its pure form, saffron is a mass of compressed, threadlike, dark orange strands. Saffron should be keep aware of the light, and moisture, especially after milling. It should maintenance in a pane because according to that saffron essence can evaporate, if it is maintenance incorrectly, after a while, it will evaporate, and its medical effects, flavor, and taste decrease. So the saffron good quality will lose.                                       1) Saffron chemical preparations : Most important preparations in saffron include: a) yellow preparations that are soluble in water ( Crostini derivatives ) b) bitter preparation like Picrocrosin is especially tonic for stomach c) essence which its most important preparation is Safranal sometimes form till 1 per cent of Saffron d) fixed oil to maximum 10 per cent e) moisture about 13/1 per cent, f) and mineral preparation is about 5 per cent, 3) Sales fraud in saffron: Because saffron is so high-priced since past slicker middlemen sharpen in it. And sometimes the punishment of skullduggery in saling saffron was gallows. The most important fraud, sold instead saffron, is Carthamus tinctorius. It has a similarity with saffron and can create yellow color. Sometimes for adding its weight, the slickers spray oil or water and honey to it. The best kind of saffron is the one called Dokhtar pich. It means that it is completely natural. Or in the other word above of its root is natural like a string of red yarn that the bottom part of it is white. One of the other kinds of skullduggery in saffron is adding salt and sugar to it, for increasing its weight. Also Tassle because of its similarity to saffron is dyed and sold instead of it. 4)Saffron medical effects : Saffron is basically antidepressant, exhilarating, and helps improve the digestive system function. It is also diuretic, and so is good for kidney and cyst washing. Facilitate indigestion, fix bloating, facilitate blood circulation, and hematopoiesis are some of the saffron advantages. Also, it has antioxidants properties that cause anticancer property. Saffron has exhilaration property, so today some of the European companies use it as antidepressant interaction. Saffron is used as a food flavor, and in traditional medicine is used as a painkiller, expectorant, sudorific, and sexual stimulus. In fictional reports about Asian tropical regions a dough, made of combination saffron and sandalwood, is named, and today like past this dough is used as a relaxant ointment for dry skins. 5) Saffron plant features: Saffron is a perennial, and small plant. Its height is about 10 to 30 centimeters. From the center of the saffron bulb or its peduncle base some tall and thin leaves exit. From the center of the leaves a peduncle exits that has 1 to 3 flower. Each Flower has 6 violet petals that in some kinds may be purple or rose-color. Flowers have 3 stamens and a pistil that conduce to a fork reddish-orange stigma. The used part of this plant is the ending of Saffron style, and the fork stigma, known as Saffron, is fragrant and a little bitter. 6) Saffron because of its special preparations is used in the hygienic industry, producing perfume, and fragrant materials. In the perfume, industry saffron is used as cosmetic essence. In traditional medicine, a combination of saffron, cinnamon powder, citrus Aurantium powder, rose-life, yolk, natural musk, and grains powder an aphrodisiac confection. Other useful features of saffron: Saffron in addition to cure diseases such as dysentery, measles, Liver and Spleen enlargement, urinary tract infection, help food digestion, stomach booster, and anti-bloating has other good features that are the point at the below: a ) Saffron a strong antioxidant : Saffron contains significant kinds of herbal preparations that work as antioxidants. Molecules that protect your cells against free radicals, and stress oxidative. Saffron's significant antioxidants are: Crocin, Crostini, Safranal, and Campral. Crocin and Crostini are Carotenoide pigments and cause the saffron yellow color. Both preparations have antidepressant features and protect brain cells against progressive injuries, inflammation, and decreased appetite. Saffron like green tea helps the body lose weight. Safranal in saffron distinct its taste and flavor. Researches show Safranal helps improve your morale, memory, and learning ability. Also by using Saffron, you can protect your brain cells against oxidative stress. Finally, Kaempferol found in Saffron petals has features like decrease inflammation, anticancer, and antidepressant. b) Saffron and insomnia treatment : Saffron has natural painkiller effects. Its told that drinking Saffron syrup before asleep helps improve sleep quality. So when you have insomnia, it is better to put some saffron in a cup of water and drink it like syrup. Saffron contains painkillers feature and helps cure insomnia. Put 3 or 4 Saffron string in a cup of warm milk, and drink this warm beverage every night before sleep. c)Saffron can cure symptoms of depression, and psychic states of it. Saffron is named as the sun spices .this naming is not only because of its distinctive color but also because it may help improve your mood. Other researches show that every day using 30 milligrams of saffron is as effective as using the same amount of Fluoxetine, Imipramine, and Citalopram for conventional curing depression. Most of the women who have postpartum depression, after using saffron for 6 weeks their problem will resolve. d) Saffron for fighting against cancer, and cancer prevention: Saffron has high per cent antioxidants that help free radicals neutralization. Free radicals damages are related to chronic diseases such as cancer. In laboratory researches, Saffron and its preparations choose colon cancer cells and destroy them or stop their growth while they don’t damage the natural cells. This effect is also true about other cancer cells such as skin, marrow, prostate, lung, cervical, breast, and other cancer cells. Gastric cancer: More than 20 per cent of people in the world, and especially in the USA have gastrointestinal cancer. Saffron water can stop this disease growth. Colorectal cancer: Colorectal cancer is the third common cancer in the USA. Saffron can significantly stop colorectal cancer cell growth while it doesn’t have any effect on other natural cells. Liver cancer: Carcinoma or HCC is one of the common primary forms of liver cancer. Blood cell carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth common cancer and the third reason for death. Saffron has a significant effect on chemotherapy against this disease because of cell proliferation inhibition and protects the liver by inflammatory response suppression. Saffron can low off side effects of treatment, and death. Saffron has anticoagulant activity in the malignant cells and causes a decrease in cancer cell proliferation. Skin cancer: The incidence of skin cancer is increasing in the world. Injecting saffron water prevents this disease progression. Because skin has one of the beauty factors on the face and body, so one of the other saffron usages is the saffron mask. In another article, we will teach you 16 saffron masks. Lung cancer: Saffron in addition to Crocin and Safranal contains Crostini, that has an important role in the prevention of lung cancer. Because of dependency on density and time saffron can cause the cells to live in the malignant cells. And use as chemotherapy factor for this disease treatment. Breast cancer: Unfortunately, this disease is one of the most common cancers in women .Current treatment conditions like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy haven’t been successful enough. Researches show that saffron cause to form new blood vessels in the breast cancer cells and improve radiotherapy effects. e) Diabetes and Blood sugar treatment by using Saffron: Saffron has Manganese. Saffron Manganese can cause a significant decrease in the Blood sugar level in the people who have Type 2 Diabetes. Crostini in the Saffron can improve the Insulin resistance, and help decrease the Blood sugar in the people with diabetes. Saffron can cause effectively low stress in people with diabetes, and in this respect, there will be a lot of differences between 2 groups of diabetes. Researchers said that Saffron's effects on diabetes stress, maybe create because of Crosin( that is a substance soluble in water), and Safranal ( a substance solution in fat). f) Saffron can help appetite decreased and losing weight: According to researches, Saffron helps prevent high appetite. According to the researches done on women for 7 to 8 weeks, using Saffron instead of other beverages lows a significant weight of them. And destroys the mass around the waist and abdomen. However, scientists are not sure how Saffron can cause appetite to decrease and losing weight. One of the theories is that Saffron raises your morale that in turn decreases your desire to eat a snack. g) Saffron can decrease the risk of heart diseases Saffron is exhilarating and tonic for your heart. Saffron prevents the raising of Cholesterol, Triglyceride, and Fat in the blood, and impedes them from sediment in the vessels. Also in patients with heart attack, Saffron decreases vessel obstruction and prevents heart muscle injury. Potassium in Saffron is good for controlling the heartbeat. And protect the heart by decreasing heartbeat. Researches show that Saffron antioxidants features cause blood cholesterol to decrease, and prevent vessel obstruction. Cardiovascular patients use saffron in their diet, because Saffron is like a medicine for the heart and, raises recovery symptoms in them. Saffron effects for the heart: Circulatory reinforcement, anti-blood pressure, decreasing fat, anti-atherosclerosis, and anti heart attack are Saffron effects for the heart. h) Saffron for eye sighting: Saffron has one of the most important elements for preventing decreasing insight ability and blindness. Saffron has many effects on the genes which adjust sight cells function. According to this research, Saffron not only protects optical receptor cells in the eye from destroying, but also it can prevent the eye from diseases such as macular degeneration, and inflammation of the retinal pigment, and so it can improve them. Researchers found that Saffron has useful effects on people with macular degeneration that is the most common reason for blindness in aging ages. Saffron is effective in adjusting sight cells function, protects them against damages, and prevents eye disease progression. And also Saffron causes revival in eye damaged cells. Saffron is effective in the treatment of yellow spot that happens in aging. Using Saffron in the diet prevents genetic eye diseases, so using it is recommended to the olds, and people with eye diseases. I ) Saffron for Alzheimer treatment : Saffron can improve memory in adults with Alzheimer's. Crostini in Saffron is good for preventing Parkinson's. Also, researches show that Saffron can cause tonic in memory. Crocin and Crostini in Saffron are good for Alzheimer's treatment. Cross, a substance derived from Saffron, can decrease brain cell's death. This substance also prevents senile plaques accumulation. In addition to these, Saffron's role as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant is proven. According to the researches reducing Serotonin levels in the brain can be one of the effective factors in getting Alzheimer's. Interestingly Saffron's positive effect on raising Serotonin function in the brain, which is significant in research on anti- Alzheimer medicines, is proven in several research. J) Saffron for Fatty Liver treatment: Because of a high amount of antioxidants in Saffron, it has anti-inflammatory features to help Liver Detox Cleanses especially Fatty Liver. And decreases the danger of getting Fatty Liver and Liver enlargement. 7) Distinction methods for original Saffron and fake ones : How to distinct original Saffron from fake ones, is the main question for many people. At the bottom, we will explain some of this method to ease this distinction for you. a)Saffron branches should be like a trumpet: For distinct original Saffron, it is better to first look at the Saffron branches. This method is the easiest one for distinct good quality Saffron. Saffron has 3 branches that the above of them look like a trumpet. As you look at the top of it you find out these trumpets become thin and thinner. b) Distinction the original Saffron by looking at the stigmas : Saffron stigma is one of the other parts of it that can show the origin of it. Stigmas shouldn’t be so shining. In this situation for distinct the good quality of saffron, it should be sent to a laboratory. Saffron and Corn have a similarity in their stigmas. Corn stigmas have a straight state, but Saffron stigmas have curvature states. c) Distinction fake saffron by newspaper or straw paper: Put some of the Saffron between 2 pieces of straw paper or newspaper and press it with your fingers. If you see oil or fat particles in the pressing place it means the Saffron is fake. But if the Saffron becomes powder and there be no fat particle it means the Saffron is original. d) Original Saffron has a low speed of coloring: Original Saffron has a lower speed of coloring than fake ones. Some of the slickers dye the yellow part of saffron strings (that have less price) and mix with red strings. These dyed parts are coloring soon. d) Distinction original Saffron by Methane gas: Put some Saffron on the Methane gas if its color becomes purple or orange, it means the Saffron is original. But if the Saffron color becomes yellow, it means the Saffron is fake. e)Distinction good quality Saffron by gasoline : Good quality Saffron doesn’t dissolve in gasoline, but for distinct original Saffron, you should put some Saffron in gasoline. If gasoline becomes colored, it means that the Saffron isn’t original and is one of the artificial ones. f) Distinction good quality Saffron by boiled water: If you put some Saffron in boiled water, and waiting for 5 minutes, and find out the color of the strings don’t tend to white, it means the Saffron is original. But if the strings become white under 5 minutes, it means the Saffron is fake. g) Distinction good quality Saffron by tasting and smelling: People who their job is shopping Saffron know well that the original Saffron taste and smell are unique. It means Saffron's taste and the smell is as a constant identifier. If you taste a little of the Saffron branch, you will understand it is a little bitter but has a good smell. The saffron smell is a little tang, but pleasant. Last word: There are many methods for distinction original Saffron. For this goal different identifiers, solutions, and physical, and chemical methods can be used. Pure Saffron has constant features, but suspicious substances and fake sold as Saffron are easily distinguished.

Saffron crocus, Crocus sativus, with its vivid crimson stigmas and styles

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